We put the twist in your pretzel

Pretzels per hour

With our BRS-1500 pretzel looper you can produce 1500 pretzels per hour with one person. You can continue to use your usual batter. The shape and weight can be set according to your needs.

Welcome to the Frey Sondermaschinen website

We are a small family business with a team of 9 employees. Since about 1998, our core business has been the production of a pretzel looping machine, which is still successfully sold in the 4th development stage.

However, our company also has many years of experience in developing solutions for various industrial and trade sectors. Find out more about the history of Frey special machines.
You can find the right contact person for every question in our employee overview.

Frey Brezelschling Maschine Gen4

This is what our customers say about us and the BRS-1500 pretzel wrapping machine:

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