Frey Brezelschling Maschine Gen4Do they still loop their pretzels by hand?

As in many other areas, technological progress has found its way into the bakery trade. However, baked goods in particular are something special for many people and the quality and taste are decisive in determining whether a customer will come to the same bakery a second time. This is why many artisan bakers shy away from innovations. The traditional processing is often no longer possible due to a lack of suitable personnel and the price war with discounters. Some bakers buy certain products from frozen suppliers, but they lose that special something that distinguishes the traditional bakery from the self-service discounter. Our pretzel twisting machine BRS-1500 helps you to make your pretzel with your usual dough while reducing production costs.

The BRS-1500 fits into every bakery!

The BRS-1500 has a compact design and with a length of 2.8 meters there is a suitable place in every bakery. For some of our customers, the use of the BRS-1500 even freed up space because several old machines could be replaced at the same time. In addition to the space, the expected production volume is also a decisive factor. Although our pretzel twister can produce 1500 pretzels per hour, the purchase can be worthwhile from a daily production of 750 pieces. By using the long roller separately, the machine also enables you to produce sticks, rings, croissants and baguette rolls up to 200 grams in addition to the production of pretzels. To ensure that the pretzel also looks uniform, the BRS-1500 has dough centering. As a result, the pretzel belly always comes exactly in the middle. Check out the entire product range. We would be happy to advise you on questions regarding installation and connection to any existing head machines. For this purpose, we manufacture conveyor belts that are adapted to the respective installation site.

All your advantages at a glance.

The BRS-1500 enables you to manufacture a wide variety of products on just one machine. Set-up and cleaning times for your systems are often reduced. Nevertheless, you get the high quality of your flagship product. And that every day. They get new freedom and capacity to further develop their assortment and the energy to do their best every day. Since we are a medium-sized family business, we know the needs of bakeries in this segment. We will advise you on the optimal set-up. We are on site during commissioning and only leave when you are satisfied with the pretzel. The machine is equipped with robust technology and can withstand even the most adverse production conditions. If something needs to be repaired or serviced.

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